Dear Wes:

My former mother-in-law, Dorothy Stuard, has been residing in your short-term therapy facility for over a month now.  Dorothy came to your facility from Georgetown Hospital after a respiratory illness which had put her in intensive care.  Dorothy is 82 years old and determinedly lives alone, by her own choice.  Dorothy has multiple health issues and was sent to your facility to receive physical therapy for balance and strength due to the progressing neuropathy problems in her legs.  Dorothy has been dealing with the neuropathy issues for many years and her doctor was hoping she would benefit from your therapy treatment before returning to her home.  Thanks to the efforts of all of the team there at your facility, Dorothy’s health and physical steadiness have drastically improved.

Your facility is so clean and bright, it is a pleasure to walk in to it.  The rooms are comfortable and well maintained.  Dorothy’s room is well-cleaned every day and there is no odor which is normally associated with most health care establishments.  What a comfort to know a loved one is in such a nice environment.

Dorothy has been trying to gain some weight for three or four years but had been unsuccessful in her efforts.  Standing at 5’9” and weighting 108 pounds, she needs more weight on her too-thin frame.  In the period of one month in your facility, Dorothy has gained six greatly needed pounds. I was thrilled with that wonderful news and can visibly see the strength the extra weight has given to her body, both physically and in her appearance.

Dorothy also has several food allergies along with sodium restrictions.  At home she always had swollen feet and ankles and frequently had reactions to food that had been prepared by others.  During her stay at your facility she has not had any reactions from the food she has eaten that was prepared by your kitchen and her feet and ankles are never swollen.  What a blessing!

Dorothy will never be steady walking because of the loss of sensation in her feet and legs due to neuropathy.  Her family has been concerned for some time now regarding her lack of balance.  However, due to the hard word done by your physical therapy team (and Dorothy!), she has become much more aware of how to move safely and has gained a great deal of physical strength in helping to balance herself.  The efforts of your physical therapy team have even brought some sensation back to Dorothy’s feet and legs. What a miracle!

I just wanted to comment you and your entire staff for the determined efforts you all make.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the patients are treated with kindness.  The positive attitudes of you and your team show in the results that you accomplish.  I want to offer my heartfelt ”thank you” to all of you at Signature HealthCARE of Georgetown.


Lorraine Stuard



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